Michael S. Singh Posted: 2020-09-07 06:39:59

Michael S. Singh


Michael S. Singh, né Jagwan Seebaran Singh, passed away on September 4, 2020, at the age of 71. Mike was a father to six, grandfather to 10, and a devoted husband to his wife, Darla Morrisey Singh, for 40 years.

Mike believed in magic and miracles. His favorite story was that of King Kong, about a behemoth force of strength calmed by the promise of love. He loved the film Shane, about a cowboy with a heart of gold, and loved falling asleep to The Artistocats, a ridiculous Disney film about the hijinks of cartoon cats. Born in the West Indies, on an island poking out of the warm, crisp waters of the Caribbean, in 1948, Mike was a man of the earth. He loved rich soil, ripe fruit, the sun at noon, and easy vibes. He loved to tear up the ground, to sweat through his work clothes, to make new life breathe beneath his feet. He countered life’s hardships with a laugh, and celebrated life’s celebrations with a full belly. He always cleaned his plate, made room for dessert, and finished the leftovers three days later.

He loved serving God and reading the Bible, praying to Jesus in times of hardship, and working with his hands every day in between. Many of Mike’s weekends were spent washing his wife’s car or at Home Depot asking his “buddies” in their orange uniforms to help him find a part and solve that day’s household chore. Mike loved working with his hands, but always needed a second or third pair of hands, and was never afraid to ask a stranger for help.

For the majority of his professional life, Mike kept the machines running – literally — as a quality assurance manager who often left home for work before the sun rose, Monday through Friday, so that he could support his family. At the age of 65, he went back to school, to pursue massage therapy. The man earned better grades in human anatomy and biology than his fresh-eyed peers. Until his last day — Friday, September 4, 2020 — his hands were busy healing the aches and anxieties of strangers. He wanted to heal the world, and to make us all laugh, and he did. From heaven, he always will.

He is survived by his wife, Darla Morrisey Singh (Garden Prairie, IL) of 36 years — a woman he called, until his last day, “the most beautiful woman in the world” and who he lived to make happy with kisses on the cheek, corny songs, big-hearted laughs, colorful gardens, and flowers on the table. Mike leaves six children: son Joey Singh and his wife Mindy, son Robert Singh, son Tonio Torres and his wife Frances, daughter Farrah Kauffman and her husband Adam, Shane Michael Singh, and daughter Awedra Pacheco and her husband Emmanuel.

Michael leaves 10 grandchildren (in order of age): Laurel Singh, Jaden Singh, Dario Torres, Adelie Singh, Parker Singh, Liam Torres, Antonino Torres, Lanzo Torres, Dominik Kauffman, and Adonis Pacheco. Mike is preceded in death by 8 siblings and survived by two sisters, Seeta St. John and Geeta Sobrien.

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Nancy 2020-09-12 12:53:34

Mike was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle-loving person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! He cared about more than just soothing your aches and pains, he wanted to ensure you were well in soul and spirit as well. I am comforted knowing this dear friend lived a life surrendered to Christ, and that he will hear those much coveted words “ Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” My heart goes out to the family for their loss, though how great will one day be no more as every tear is wiped away and death is no more, and our mourning will turn to rejoicing as we Him together face to face. My deepest sympathies.