Our Service Offerings


Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral is a service generally preceded by a visitation and viewing, followed by a funeral service and burial, entombment, or cremation. Traditions vary according to religious or ethnic origin. DeFiore-Funeral Funeral Service caters to all faiths. Funeral services are tailored to meet the preferences and expectations of that special person's family and friends, as well as, the preordained desires of the deceased. They can be as personalized and unique as those for whom the service is arranged.

We, as funeral directors, are available 24-hours a day to answer a call to serve, whether death occurs at home or in a health care facility.

Cremation Options

Cremation services include several choices and options for personalization and memorialization. These services may either precede or follow the actual cremation and often assist friends and relatives with the grieving process by providing them opportunity to pay their final respects. Services often include the following options:

  • Traditional visitation and services at the funeral home or other location, such as a church, with the cremation following.
  • Private family viewing followed by religious or contemporary services and cremation
  • Private cremation and memorial services
  • Direct cremation without services

After Care

Our services extend to providing our families assistance with regard to filing for Veteran's, Social Security, and life insurance benefits. Additionally, we provide helpful check lists on support services available, things that need to be accomplished after the funeral, etc.

Funeral Planning with Pre-Arrangement and Pre-Payment

Funeral pre-arrangement is not difficult, nor long in duration. Most of us know our preferences, yet we neglect to share that information with loved ones. Pre-arranging a funeral can offer special comfort to those loved ones who remain, helping to take away the guess work involved in trying to determine what the deceased would have wanted. Contact us and we will make ourselves available to discuss pre-arranging and/or pre-payment options.

DeFiore Funeral also accepts pre-arrangements that may have been made elsewhere, contact us to learn more...